At our ticketshop you can enter and pay (Dutch Strength athletes can use their discountcodes)

Athletes and coaches license numberss (ID-to be shown at weigh-in). BWT including starting attempts. These are all checked at the end of the period of subscritiption and at the weigh-in. Because of safety in our gym we ask group 2, 3 etc called out for weigh-in, but they have to wait outside the gym. You can enter the building when the previous group has finished the last attempt.

Rules compliant to IWF (including sporttenue singlet etc)

After all results have to be double-checked the athlete receives a certificate by Dutch Strength and participates at the Dutch Strength 2021 ranking. Seperate results are administrated nationally if permitted to national ranking (relative to european standards) and records at age/bwt classes by the association. In a seperate pdf-document we show the groups and in the last row the weigh-in slots - in agreement with NGB and considering constraints sexe, coaching/offical roles, club etc.