Become a Real Olympic Lifter

Do you want to upgrade your lifts? Or do you need specialized coaching? Besides joining our weekly program you can participate in skills labs and perform at weightlifting competitions. We can help you to achieve your goals. If you don’t know if you could enter, just contact us to make an appointment to have your lifting skills checked by our trainers / experienced lifters.

  • Sign up to individual skills labs via events
  • Additional cost for newbees at official competitions: membership NGB & lifting singlet (appr. 45 euro)
  • Location: Gym SportQuest and competition venues
  • Duration: appr. 6-life-long 🙂 weeks
  • Practical approach
  • Individual programming
  • On-line services like the WAC-course


During this program (Becoming a Real Weightlifter) we make sure you improve your specific needs. Master trainer coach Tom Bruijnen and his staff devote their full focus to help achieve the goal you’ve been chasing for so long, in a knowledgeable but practical way. In becoming competition ready, safety is our greatest concern.


In appr. 3 months you’ll work towards a Dutch Strength Club competition or even join official Dutch Strength Cups & (inter)national events. In each training/event/workshop of 1,5-4 hours Master trainer & coach Tom Brijnen and his staff discuss a new subject, like essential movement patterns, specific accessory exercises and mental engagement so you become more efficient, stronger and injury free. This weightlifting journey includes video-lifting-analysis and coaching at the competitions. Our gym is Eleiko equipped.


  • 8 junior (aged between 13-20) male/female lifters from Dutch Strength or other strength and conditioning clubs, ranging from CrossFit to other sports
  • 8-16 senior (aged 20+) male/female lifters from Dutch Strength or other strength training clubs, ranging from CrossFit to other sports

Note: this project runs with a combination of different levels of athletes and changing group participation. Contact us to start!