Sportquest / Dutch Strength helpt bij de organisatie van het NK Gewichtheffen 2020.

De zaalindeling bij eigen bondstoernooien:

Next event?

Clubcompetition weightlifting fridaynight 31 jan 2020: 18-21 (n=18) – please register at facebook/e-pass/mail 🙂

Members and non-members can try-out their max. lifts in 20 minutes intervals judged by a buddy – the total of succesfull attempts (6 max.) is the base of our Dutch Strength ranking – entrance fee non-member euro 9 (students -25% discount) – starts with weigh-in and after that “buddy-up”

Spring Cup

The Dutch Strength Spring Cup sa 21 march females, su 22 march males. Subscriptionform to be expected end of january 2020.

Dutch Strength is mede-organisator van gewichthefwedstrijden. Zie de wedstrijdkalender van de NGB voor een overzicht van alle NGB-wedstrijden.