Please contact us direct if you need help or ask our staff.

If you only want to train once or a few times you can contact us to ask us if open spots are availble, have us reserve a spot and have you pay with our pin machine (sumup) at the desk our guest entrance fee € 15/session.

We further register all our members at Gym Sportquest – the Home of Dutch Strength. After registration you will get an e-mail to install our “Epass App” (sport logo) or how to login online at the browserlink and reserve your spot in the agenda. Skip the bank info if you don’t want an automatic withdrawal – it’s only a choice to our full members. Thanks for your registration and understanding! The heart and home of Dutch Strength is felt best at Gym Sportquest 🙂

All our visitors and staff reserve a spot on-line and register with their bar code at the gym desk.
You can stop or change your subscription at Gym Sportquest monthly.
Our small group classes can be joined without extra charge.

Join us at gym Sportquest by clicking the boxes below

We use (Harmonised) Indices of Consumer Prices & Services (HCIP/CIP/DIP) once a year to change our rates.

Please note that children & teenagers [till 16] have to be seen first with a parent/caregiver and students [18-28] have to show their student license entering the first time at our gym. We also provide discounts to “stadspashouders”, this can be arranged and explained on request by mail to make an appointment at the gym.

Off-peak is limited to gym entrances from monday till friday at available time slots after 9:00 till 16:00

monthly: unlimited training per week, juniors and students with a validation on appointment.

valid 4 months, juniors and students discounts to be arranged on appointment.

to be arranged on appointment at the gym with the owner