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Dutch Strength Games

If you want have fun with our Dutch Strength Games!

At the study/office work place

The first part is a daily health program to do @ your workplace – use your breaks or plan one session and adapt it to your capacity and spirit.

At home strength & conditioning

The second part consists of general workouts including self treatment.

Learn to lift/train at the gym

This third part consists of progressions.

Short Weightlifting & Basic Strength Programs

This part consists of combinations of OLY & Strength Lifting Programs – advanced lifters only or supervised by a trainer!
Maybe you also like this loading chart broken down to 2,5 kg increments or this general intensity & loading training chart broken down to 1 kg.


This part consists of short challenging workouts of Dutch Strength.

Olympic Weightlifting

This part relates to the specific expertise of Dutch Strength related to Olympic Weightlifting.