Olympic Weightlifting

The headtrainer/coach of Dutch Strength – Tom Bruijnen – developed and published in Dutch info including video’s related to olympic weightlifting (e.g. 2004 = ISBN 90-80795-2-3). We want to share some updated content for free in English to make it possible for others to use this.


Tom designed a set of 3 posters aimed to understand and learn olympic lifting. This is not referring to how to lift a world record, but “lifting strong a life long”. The posters can be bought in printed form at barbell-shop.nl.

WAC – Weightlifting Athletic Circuits

These 6 circuits are a step-wise method to train and exercise with olympic style movements. Experienced athletes use them to warm-up, others as part of learning the lifts or getting in shape with the lifts. Integrated in our

free on-line wac-course

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