Dutch Strength Events & Workshops

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Dutch Strength Lift-Off 2024

21 january Lift-Off

Dutch Strength Seasonal Weightlifting Cups 2024

Spring Cup 3 march
Summer Cup 30 juni
Option Autumn Cup 6 october
Option Winter Cup 24 december

We try to promote everything at our social media and to our members also at our club membership portal!
We have finalised our recruiting for our Dutch Strength Weightlifting Team 2024 – Team 2024 – send us a message if you want to get more info to become one of our (aspiring) team members.

In 2023 we became 4th at the national teamfinals. At 2024 we will try to at least become part of the best 6 teams and compete again at the finals. The qualifiers in our region are 25 may, 22 june and 21 september at our gym.

  • Tom Bruijnen headtrainer/coach

    Athletes & Support
  • Francesco Gennari Q1 Team 1
  • Jessica Linsten Q1 Team 1
  • Parand Zarekiani
  • Manon Koopman
  • Justin Schuurbiers
  • Luuk Schalkwijk Q1 Team 1
  • Arie Brussaard Q1 Team 1
  • Martin Alderete
  • Anil Yaman
  • Kevin Hulshof
  • Elia Giangiordano
  • Steve Cook
  • Eliane Hoeffelman
  • Yassir Tahiri Q1 Team 2
  • Domenico Matrone
  • Thomas Goedhart
  • Tommy Westerkamp Q1 Team 2
All our results of competitions are published here and official results are published at the NGB.

Workshops / Skills labs

All our skills labs are focussed on pinpointing your technique in a theme. The sessions are limited to appr. 90-120 minutes with a maximum of 8-16 participants. Members have discounts at our ticketshop or can use their credits to reserve a spot. See the announcements at the top.


Members and non-members can try-out their max. lifts. Clubcompetitions are organised as promotional events. We provide for a IWF/IPF set-up with a competition platform and organise it by IWF/IPF rules, but all athletes are also asked to help out. E.g. loading the bar or help as “timer”. Another setup is lifting on your own platform in intervals of 15-20 minutes to get to 2 or 3 maximum lifts judged by a buddy. See the poster announcements at the top.

Dutch Strength NGB Meets

Dutch Strength is co-organisator of NGB offical events. From 11 march 2024 till a duly representive board of the Dutch Weightlifting association has been made responsible we only organise unofficial events. The offical events are posted on the NGB website and you have to comply with the NGB (IWF) rules & regulations (including membership). We organise weightlifting tournaments e.g. the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter cup, Lift-off Meets – all info can be found on the specific sublinked pages (see submenu or upper part of this page).