Join Our Dutch Strength Challenge - Build Effective Mass

We want to help you maintain or change your effective mass at the Home of Dutch Strength. We use an InBody270 to obtain your profile in effective mass.

The InBody270 provides accurate analysis and delivers measurements like Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass – relative to Upper Body, Core & Lower Body Left vs. Right and more.

  • Step 0 The InBody measurements are not possible if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or are not able to hold & stand on the InBody. We advice you to talk to your specialist. Testing is not adviced in menses or if you have (metal) implants

  • Step contact us to schedule one session of €15 (15 minutes)

  • Step 2 be prepared, no meal -2 hours before the test, after you went to the loo, before training and without any jewels etc. Testing is done barefeeted and tight fitted sporting goods

  • Step 3 Take the test – ask guest mode if you want to keep your data for your eyes only

  • Step 4 Get the results and interpretation

  • Step 5 Get a short advice on your training routine

  • Step 6 Gather your goods, mood and spirit and start your training routine for about 6 weeks

  • Step 7 Re-start at the end of the training period and take step 1 and start to compare your results and adapt your routine