dutch strength club profile

Helping People To Grow Stronger Together!

Beginners & advanced athletes are welcome to work on their strength & condition, but always a big wink to our challenge in performing at the strengthsport of olympic weightlifting.

The non-profit foundation Dutch Strength has been founded by Tom Bruijnen, the owner of Sportquest. Sportquest facilitates the home of Dutch Strength with its gym space and organisation. He wanted to create a community based club in stead of a consumer based commercial fitness club. Based on the idea of developing members in stead of serving clients.

A foundation of strength & power is created on personal health and fitness. Training and exercising in a good atmosphere and having fun trying to achieve personal milestones. We use partial or the whole movements and programs of olympic weightlifting to build better and stronger athletes and trainers. We want to stay a life long strong, training pure.

We believe strength is more than lifting heavy weights. We provide on-line content and face-to-face guidance at the home gym of Dutch Strength. Next to the first pillar of physical strength is our mental pillar. Consisting of development of e.g. perseverance & willpower. Our third pillar is our social strength; helping and supporting others in a positive environment.


Our guidance and on-line information can help to keep you healthy, fit and strong

By organizing trainings and events we are strong together

Sportquest also has a network of expert personal trainers and health practitioners


  • We are a community based strength sport club
  • We are known for our friendly approach and sportmanship
  • We have experienced volunteers and trainers
  • You can become skilled and knowledgeable
  • We publish info about health, fitness & strength
  • Each person is powerful alone, but we are even better together
  • Also partner of ClassPass
  • Also partner of OneFit
  • Member of NL Actief
  • Member of Dutch Weightlifting Association recognised by NOC*NSF and IWF

Or contact us to make a personal appointment to have a single session (pay per session € 15 at the desk, but only with a reservation at a specific time slot if it’s possible). We accept all kind of site/app payments and you can pay by pin (preferable no cash!) at Gym Sportquest. It’s your decision to try without reservation, but it can happen it’s full or the gym is closed!

Our membership Gym @ Sportquest can be “terminated” on a monthly base. See our contact page to read about our code of conduct (e.g. our dress code)