2024 Dutch Strength Weightlifting
Tournaments 13+yr

Every seaon – spring, summer, autumn and winter – we organise at sunday’s a Dutch Strength Seasonal Cup 13+yr ( -18yr athletes need to be guided by their parents/caretakers). And in between if possible also Lift-off’s. As usual we ask every athlete to register 1 person as helper for the organisation (e.g. loading the bars or other tasks) in their group. Finally every athlete (NGB-licensed) can also register 1 coach (NGB-licensed at official meets/groups).

New in 2024 is our newbees – not yet member of the NGB, but want to taste a real olympic lifting competition. No singlet and license obliged and less strict judging.

Dutch Strength Lift-Off 2024

21 january Lift-Off

Dutch Strength Seasonal Weightlifting Cups 2024

Spring Cup 3 march
Summer Cup 30 june – unoffical – go to the ticket-shop!

Option Autumn Cup 6 october
Option Winter Cup 24 november

We try to promote everything at our social media and to our members also at our club membership portal!

Our events are livestreamed – links at our broadcasting page – Our gym has limited space (see below map) and cann’t provide supporters to enter the building during competitions when they haven’t been invited.

If you come by car – search on internet with “P+R Amsterdam” to obtain info!

Ticketsales starts -4/-6 weeks in advance and stops -2 weeks before the event.

Day schedule*
* this can be changed due to number of athletes and changes in newbees/official groups, and all athletes are informed in advance of competition

Group 1 n=10 M/F Newbees trying out competitive olympic weightlifting!
Weigh-in 9:00-9:30
Presentation 10:00
1st attempt snatch 10:10
Last attempt clean & jerk appr. 12:00
Ceremony top-3 Group Q-points M & F 12:05

Group 2 n=10 M/F idem

This can be an official or group with newbees
Weigh-in 11:30-12:15
Presentation 12:45
1st attempt snatch 13:00
Last attempt clean & jerk appr. 15:00
Ceremony top-3 Group Q-points M & F 15:05

Group 3 n=10 M/F (highest totals if group 2 is also official)
This will always be an official group

Weigh-in 14:30-15:15
Presentation 15:45
1st attempt snatch 16:00
Last attempt clean & jerk appr. 18:00
Ceremony top-3 Group Q-points M & F 18:05

After payment you have to add data in a seperate google-form like NGB License, name of coach and/or helper.

The data are all checked at the end of the period of subscription. Because of limited space in our gym we organise this event only with limited public.

Rules are compliant to IWF (including sporttenue singlet etc) with the exception of the lifting platform (see below).

After all results have been double-checked the athlete receives a certificate per mail by Dutch Strength and automatically participates at the Dutch Strength 2023 ranking. Seperate results are administrated nationally if possible/permitted by NGB to national ranking (Q-points male / female) and records at age/bwt classes by the association.
We send all the lifters docs related to groups and timetable one week before the competition in agreement with NGB and take into consideration constraints number of athletes subscribed, coaching/offical roles, club etc.