Dutch Strength started as a project of Sportquest in 2013 and the foundation was established in 2021. Dutch Strength is specialised in safe & responsible strength training. Dutch Strength organises eductional activities, competitions and workouts.Fun, technique and progression are central themes.

Dutch Strength has it’s home at Sportquest – Hobbemakade 7 – nearby the museum square in Amsterdam.

Our slogans
  • Dutch Strength – a life long strong
  • Dutch Strength = Pure Power
DUTCH symbolises a down-to-earth and democratic approach

STRENGTH is related not only to physcial strength, but also mental and social.

PURE refers to integrity and honesty

POWER is not only combining speed and strength, but also empowerment.

The founder of Dutch Strength – Tom Bruijnen – wrote this Dutch article about his vision on training.