Dutch Strength training programs are made based on periodisation models, but also based on a daily perceptual feeling of being able to sustain/train at the aimed volume/intensity levels. Diminishing of skills or stability esp. around neutral and strong positions of spine and joints like shoulders are of core value to keep tracking. Try to keep in contact with trainers and advanced lifters to be able to reflect with them on your skills 🏋️.

Below are some examples of programs you can use. Some tips:

  • In our training programs you have to get use to a bandwidth of recommended weights. You can start counting a set (reps x load) if the load of an exercise is 75% of the targeted weights. You can also end up if needed only at the lowest load.
  • mostly squats & pulls are done after the olympic lifts, therefore test your 3RM Front Squat also after the olympic lifts are done first – do not put in a 3RM Front Squat from a rested, seperate session! No need to test other strength exercises because these are for weightifters kind of rated to the lifting and are not specific, but more seen as specific and general strength.
  • keep track of movement quality; you should be able to maintain 90% of speed/strength to be able to do the lifts – no forced reps at the strength exercises needed! Just stop when you either have made mistakes (worst case missed lifts) or feel the energy is not there to generate the right speed.
  • olympic lifting is best done a few hours after wake-up and not after a stressfull working/study day – a little bit scaling down will help you
  • learn to miss an olympic lift safely and don’t try to safe it when it’s unsafe for you – just reflect on why you missed out (to much ego, lack of concentration, energy etc)
Your first program can start after the learning phase and can be very simple in structure. Estimate your max at doubles correct (or 5’s at F-exc’s)

  1. 10 minutes start with mobility and general warm-up – yes a little bit of cardio is ok 🙂
  2. 5 minutes of barbell only specific warm-up
  3. 15 minutes of snatching doubles on a 1,5 minute – gradual progressing from 30%-40%-50%-60%-70%-80%-90%-95%-100%-?% of last session set of 2 good reps and repeat or even + or -5% till the last interval
  4. 15 minutes clean & jerk – idem – I prefer you to alternate legs in the split jerk
  5. 10 minutes of either Back or Front Squat build up to sets of 5 reps using 50%-70%-90%-95%-100% (2 mintues interval)
  6. 10 minutes of either high/dead snatch or clean pulls (like squats)
  7. 10 minutes of some kind of presses (like squats)
  8. 5 minutes doing some sprints/jumps
  9. 10 minutes warm-down including core exc’s
This ads up to appr. 1,5 hour workout and can be done 2-3 x per week.

Use a note book, spreadsheet or app to note down your weights and test after 4-8 weeks your 1RM OLY max and 3RM Front Squats and use these to try-out below programs.

At some point you need more individual programs or use other sources and tailor-suit them yourself!