Dutch Strength Junior Lifting

Maybe you are interested to get a free introduction with a friend/buddy. Just sent us an e-mail to info@dutchstrength.com with subject “Junior Lifting”. At the home of Dutch Strength we also organise introduction small group classes with some schools. Teachers, you can find our free info about the content here. Feel free to sent us a request by e-mail to info@dutchstrength.com subject “Schoolproject Junior lifting” if you want to co-organise an introduction with us.

Junior Lifting
monday & wednesday 17:00-18:00

In our club members of 13-17 yr can enter the special guided hours, but can also join other activities if they are guided by an experienced adult

At our special hours we have at least 2 trainers to help a maximum of 8 juniors. This is run like you can expect in a class: reserve a spot, show up and workout. Our monthly fee is € 42. Our training can help you also in other sports or maybe you can become our next junior weightlifter!