Small Events & workshops (sorry – yellow not possible – new info 12 jan.)

Skills labs

All our skills labs are focussed on pinpointing your technique in a theme. The sessions are limited to appr. 90 minutes with a maximum of 12 participants.


Members and non-members can try-out their max. lifts. Clubcompetitions are organised as promotional events. We provide for a IWF/IPF set-up with a competition platform and organise it by IWF/IPF rules, but all athletes are also asked to help out. E.g. loading the bar or help as “timer”. Another setup is lifting on your own platform in intervals of 15-20 minutes to get to 2 or 3 maximum lifts judged by a buddy. On our promotional info it’s made clear how we organise the club event.

Official competitions

Dutch Strength is co-organisator of NGB offical events. These events are posted on the NGB website and you have to comply with the NGB rules & regulations (including membership).

Dutch Strength Cups

The AKA Dutch Strength Cup is our only official 2020 weightlifting tournament and planned 20 december. This is a cooperation with Crossfit AKA.

Sportquest / Dutch Strength helped to organise the national dutch weightlifting championships 2020

Example of our gym-map at clubevents

Sportquest Map

Example of our gym-map adapted to COVID=19 regulations at clubevents

Sportquest Adapted Map