Assess yourself 4

Assessment #4

How can you choose the weight of the barbell doing the Weightlifting Athletic Circuits?
The simplest test we ask you to do is having a parallel overhead squat with the arms 90 degrees extended and keep it isometric for one minute. When you’re ready, press start to see the stopwatch running!

If you fail before having reached 45 seconds or are still chatting with your neigbor after 1 1/2 minutes, adapt the weight respecively lower or higher. Reference weight is a 15kg bar (youth, lightest females, masters (35+), beginners) and 20kg bar (junior/senior, experienced lifters).
Sometimes athletes have problems to keep the squat at the lowest active position (= not the lowest passive squat!). We’re sorry – you have to become stronger! Others are not able to sit parallel – sorry again, work on your mobility!
After you tested and found your load, you can test also the bent-over positions at knee level with your shoulders and then pull the bar till hooked arms (at 90 degrees) to the edge of your chest/abdomen and try to hold it also for the same time (45-90 seconds).
The last test is to make sure you are balanced in carrying and lifting the load! We prefer to see athletes passing the test “easy” in the bent-over position compared to the squat. With this we emphasize the stable joint compression and position around the shoulders and spine which is challenged more in the bent-over position compared to the axial loading of the squat.

Now you’re ready to complete this section and after that start circuit 1.