Exercise 1#5 Deadlift

Start in the upright “tall” posture with the barbell in a narrow grip and bent over and extend back
    Remember your assessment nr. 3 and….

  • …. this is an olympic style deadlift – not a powerlifting or strong men approach!
  • set-up in the standing upright position with the bar in a narrow grip
  • start with a very shallow squat
  • push your hips backward without further bending of the knees
    • beginners can keep contact with the barbell and thighs
    • advanced lifters sort of keep it slightly towards the body compared to the vertical gravitational line
  • keep the chest forward and up – core on
  • shoulders packed
  • head aligned
  • feel the pressure more backward and outward to the heels
  • at knee level keep the angle between trunk and floor the same and start bending the knees
    • some pressure change can be felt under the feet, but keep your whole feet on the floor
  • finish at the starting height of the bar 22,5 cm from the floor or lower to work on your mobility and stability
  • now reverse the movement!
  • the first pull phase is till the knee; keeping your trunk angled
Advanced lifters sometimes let the hips go up, but use this to create momentum also not losing their back alignment
The back pull phase (transition, scoop, second knee bend) is moving the back to vertical ending in the “mini-squat”
Finish to full extension – maybe already feeling the urge to drive the bar vertical up and bending the arms slightly (Second Pull)

Some trainers skip the “double knee bend phase” and refer to first pull and immediately go to second pull – it’s just another style!