Why this course?

Dutch Strength & Olympic Weightlifting

Dutch Strength wants to keep participants a life long strong. Safe and responsible lifting is more or less self-evident from this vision and cannot always be brought into balance with the strength sport where you want to lift as much as possible, at all costs, to win.

About the Weightlifting Athletic Circuits Course

During this course you will learn and train using a system called “Weightlifting Athletic Circuits”. You can learn and feel the mechanics of lifting in your body in a sensible way, as well as also things like discipline, perseverance, concentration and focus.
This course allows you to become part of a collaboration with a coach or other athletes to practice the Olympic sport of weightlifting at a deeper level.
In short, you will discover that Olympic weightlifting is more than simply lifting a weight above your head 😉
If you doubt whether you can train with these exercises, ask your (sport)medical advisor!

How can you use these Athletic Circuits?

Use them

  • as a method that teaches you the basics of Olympic weightlifting
  • to improve your posture
  • to improve mobility and stability
  • to get in shape and work on your fitness
  • like plyometrics to get you stronger without heavy loads
  • as a specific warm up before you lift heavy
  • as a competitive lifter in your restorative periods