Why Olympic weightlifting?

Why Olympic weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting is the most power demanding sport of all Olympic disciplines. To perofrm the Olympic lifts with good form is a difficult skill and can be a challenge for life. These lifts combine the main movements in vertical pulling and pushing by using a lot of strength from the legs and the back. Even more so Olympic weighlifting is one of the most popular sports at the Olympic games. It’s a sport that can be done in almost every country in the world. We consider it a sport for all, with the exception of some paralympic athletes, but certainly possible for…

…all ages above 6, males and females with all kind of body types, shapes, heights and weights.

Why not olympic weightlifting?

It doesn’t teach you how to hit or kick. It neither teaches you about team tactics, nor is it focused on aesthetics. And….

it will not make you a world champion in endurance sports, crossfit, strongmen competitions, bodybuilding or powerlifting. But it can be seen utilized as an addition in their training programs.

Overall principles

The animated graph shows us the main principles of Olympic weightlifting. These principles offer a different perspective to help you understand the way to move the bar and yourself.


  1. The line of lifting is the most efficient way to get the barbell where it needs to be
  2. Lift the bar with sufficient speed and height
  3. Keep the barbell and your bodily joints as close to the line of lifting as possible
  4. When the bar has momentum you can use it to bring your body under the bar – kind of acrobatic phase
  5. When the bar comes down, you will have to carry it
  6. Keep the right attention and concentration during the whole exercise

Your mission

Every lift in the upcoming Weightlifting Athletic Circuits is about combining these principles. Use the 5 principles as a checklist for every exercise or the whole circuit(s). When something is not going right, try to find out which principle(s) can be used to correct and advance your lift.