Exercise 1#2 Back Elbow Press

In the upright “tall” posture press the barbell in a wide grip from behind the neck till full extension
    start with the basic posture and add specific instruction

  • keeping everything the same like exercise 1#1 (High Pull Wide)
  • lean a little bit more forward to create a vertical line, not hitting the back of your head when lifting
  • in this position the line of gravity of the bar ends downard in a triangular point just below the end of the scapulae
  • some coaches like to have already your stance in the receiving position – wider and a little bit more outward turned feet

  • moving the bar

  • using the same grip width like exercise 1#1 (High Pull Wide)
  • the bar rests on the upper part of your trapezium muscles
  • sometimes you need to lift your scapula’s upward to create a muscle frame to put the barbell on
  • bring the elbows under your wrists
  • the wrist is slightly bent backward – the bar leaning on the first line of bones – kind of mid in the wrist
  • this is the complete opposite of turning in when lifting, hence pressing starts exo-rotated
  • depedent on your elbows in the end of the extension phase you can either bring the biceps to the ceiling or have it a little bit more angled forward
  • start pressing by bringing your scapulae out – kind of pulling the bar apart – yes…again!
    • this engages e.g. your lattissimus dorsi
  • some coaches prefer you to bring your shoulders up when pressing, we like to keep them sort of leveled
  • the name “Back Elbow Press” refers to the extension of the elbows, not pushing the arms up