Intro WAC 1

Weightlifting Athletic Circuit 1 is helping you understand about the specific alignment and postures in lifting. The sequence of exercises also helps to build a foundation of strength around your shoulders first, then back and finally legs. Every exercise is a lesson that shows you how to move the bar and has instructions about how to make the movement right. Remember, when you don’t see movement, your muscles can still be helping by keeping tension. By doing the exercises you are training mobility & stability.

Basic posture

  • the combined centre of gravity is aligned just in front of your ankle joint
    • feet facing forward and hip spaced apart
    • having the whole foot used as foundation
  • vertical aligning your shin compared to the mid of your ankle
    • the feeling of pressure in the knee is “centered”
  • the pelvis is a little bit tilted forward
  • bring your chest/sternum up and a little bit forward
    • the feeling of pulling backward in your trunk
  • extending your upper thoracic spine
  • make the crown of your head the highest point of your body – elongate
    • this engages your core muscles
  • back of the head is “back”
  • chin a little bit tucked in
  • arms are pulled “towards” the shoulders – packed
  • scapula is back- & outward