Exercise 1#1 High Elbow Pull Wide

In an upright “tall” posture lift the barbell in a wide grip upward till the chest
Moving the bar

  • start in the basic posture but with the bar on the thighs
  • the grip is equidistant
  • a hook grip – thumb around the bar and under the first two fingers – can be done, but is not compulsory
    • an open grip – thumb next to the fingers – is not permitted in weightlifting
  • the elbows turned halfway towards the back
  • pull the bar up in a vertical path by bending the arms
  • keeping the bar close, wrist slightly bent towards the body
  • the upward movement is created with an endo-rotation of the upper arms
  • approximately till the lower or mid part of your chest
  • at this highest point your arms are hooked
    • this is your wide grip, in competition mostly wider
  • reference heigth with full extended arms and body is the lower abs or….
  • with very long arms most athletes choose the upper part of the legs therefore….
    • not hitting the pubic bone or other vulnerable parts of your body
  • the tempo is slow (controlled), maybe even with holds at different heigths
  • try to pull the hands apart – lengthening the bar and bending it around the body
  • breathing is dependent on tempo, but when done slow – half from max breath volume in at lowest, keeping it and out again at lowest.